Developed Projects

Being a global developer means that EEW can move its focus of operations around the world
to seek to take advantage of the most favourable markets wherever they may be


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ProjectLocationCapacity, MWpStatus
AramaraQueensland, Australia140Sold
ChinchillaQueensland, Australia19Sold
YarranleaQueensland, Australia40Sold
BoldercombQueensland, Australia250Sold
RaglanQueensland, Australia300Developed and owned by EEW
BroadleeQueensland, Australia90Developed and owned by EEW



ProjectLocationCapacity, MWpStatus
Spain 1Spain49Developed and owned by EEW
Spain 2Spain49Developed by EEW


United Kingdom

ProjectLocationCapacity, MWpStatus
SellingdeUnited Kingdom10.58Sold
Michael StoneUnited Kingdom18.16Sold
PlaytersUnited Kingdom8.40Sold
Castle EatonUnited Kingdom19Sold
PitworthyUnited Kingdom15.63Sold
HighfieldsUnited Kingdom12.20Sold
SpriggsUnited Kingdom12.01Sold
High PennUnited Kingdom9.64Sold
MichelmershUnited Kingdom19.50Sold
RoystonUnited Kingdom10Sold
IlmerUnited Kingdom5Sold
Ilmer phase 2United Kingdom13Sold
New KaineUnited Kingdom2Sold
TylerfedwenUnited Kingdom14Sold
DeffordUnited Kingdom65Sold


EEW is committed to providing efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects


EEW has a strong track record spanning more than a decade, of utility-scale solar projects developed across Europe and Asia-Pacific.



EEW is now one of the leading providers of project development for the global solar power industry.