Project Gladstone

EEW has already developed and owns a 300MW PV asset located in Raglan, which is at ready to build stage. EEW now plans to combine the PV plant with the Hydrogen Project to produce renewable energy for green hydrogen production, developing a 200MW hydrogen plant with a further 100MW allocated to energy storage. The hydrogen plant will produce 33,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year using electrolyser technology


The State of Queensland in Australia is strategically well positioned to act as a major player in the future generation and export of hydrogen due to the States’ significant solar resources, the existing gas pipeline infrastructure,  availability of different water resources and access to a deep-water export port at Gladstone

How we generate & deliver Green Hydrogen


EEW is one of the worlds fastest growing renewable energy and green hydrogen providers


EEW has a strong track record, spanning more than a decade of developing utility-scale renewable energy projects across Europe and Asia Pacific



EEW is committed to providing efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects