What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is regarded as the energy source of the future and Eco Energy World are committed to developing our business exclusively towards the production of Green Hydrogen to achieve our long term aim of a carbon free future

Hydrogen can be produced with multiple processes and energy sources; a colour code nomenclature is becoming commonly used to facilitate discussion; Grey, Blue and Green


The Market

The global hydrogen production market is expected to increase to $420bn by 2030 and a scaled-up industry could deliver hydrogen for a benchmark cost of $1.5/kg in 2030 and $1/kg in 2050 in many parts of the world

Benefits of Hydrogen

Zero emission

Zero Emission



Cost competitiveness

Cost Competitiveness

Supply security

Supply Security

Policy friendly

Policy Friendly

Economic growth

Economic Growth


EEW is one of the worlds fastest growing renewable energy and green hydrogen providers


EEW has a strong track record, spanning more than a decade of developing utility-scale renewable energy projects across Europe and Asia Pacific



EEW is committed to providing efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects