What we do with Solar

Development Process

Project Feasibility Stage

The feasibility stage includes identification of the investment opportunity in a specific country and the formulation of a strategy for project development. Economic and technical analysis of the region is done to certify the financial model as well as to verify the legal and regulatory framework for renewable energy projects.  This assessment determines whether to proceed further with the project and commit additional financial resources.


Grid Connection

EEW have major resources committed to study and source the best suitable grid connection for our projects. This includes overall studies on any country or local markets consumption of energy, load factors and constraints. Availability and capacity of connection on the network are the most important factors including the modelling and study of the cost.


Site Identification

Selecting land in proximity to the selected point of grid connection. This includes a feasibility study for permitting and planning on selecting a site as well as negotiation and securing a purchase or a long-term lease over the land for the construction of the solar power plant.


Permiting Planning

Detailed review and inventory of all necessary permits and licenses needed for constructing and operating the solar power plant. Examples are environmental permits; land use permits and generator licenses. Preparation and submission of relevant permit and licence applications.


Construction Agreements

EEW has extensive experience in finding the best suitable contractor for the construction of the solar power plant. Construction contracts will be signed that will include responsibilities for the contractor such as preparing a detailed engineering design of the project, procurement of all equipment and materials required, and then the construction and commissioning of the solar power plant in line with the client’s specific timelines.



EEW’s responsibilities might also include the arrangement of senior debt, construction finance and equity investment. In order to obtain finance, EEW prepares comprehensive documentation of the project that enables reliable revenue projections which the banks and investors will be comfortable with. The appropriate structure that ultimately will be used is influenced by the commercial and financial needs of the investors as well as the finance available.


Commissioning and Operations

EEW is responsible for arranging long-term operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. Compared to other power generating technologies, Solar PV has low maintenance and servicing requirements. However, a proper maintenance of a PV plant is essential to maximise both energy yield and the plant’s useful life. EEW commits to deliver optimal operations to strike a balance between maximizing production and minimal cost.


Power Purchase Agreements (‘PPA’)

To source and negotiate a long-term off take through a PPA for the sale of electricity to be produced by EEW solar projects.  Some markets require PPAs in order to source financing for the projects whereas other markets do not require a PPA for finance, and the sale of energy can be done on spot, merchant basis. 


EEW is one of the worlds fastest growing renewable energy and green hydrogen providers


EEW has a strong track record, spanning more than a decade of developing utility-scale renewable energy projects across Europe and Asia Pacific



EEW is committed to providing efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects